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Vienna & Debora – Nude Holidays Video II

After being so rare in the last two weeks, it’s finally time to continue with the naughty story of the sexy nude holidays with my favorite beauty italian chocolate girl Debora. 

BONUS VIDEO PART 2 – 10 minutes super hot nude in public

10 minutes through our sexy days, always nude, no matter if beach promenade or city centre of Marseille. @Debora: I miss our nude adventure honey! Send you kisses :***

BONUS VIDEO PART 2 – 10 minutes super hot nude in public


Video Previews:


Protected: Vienna & Debora – Nude Holidays VIDEO PART II

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Back again

Here I am guys 🙂 back on my blog after some days off. I hope you enjoyed my hooooot video with super sexy Debora in the meantime. The next is already in the tube and will be online very soon and a very special trip is coming closer and closer, stay tuned more in the next days!

Video Preview Nude Holidays with Debora: LINK PART I >>> HERE


Vienna & Debora – Nude Holidays Video I

I will be offline for some days, but not without give you some veryyyyyyy hot stuff to watch for those days.

See the first part of my nude holidays with my sexy Italian “hot-chocolate” friend Debora! She is so unbelievable delicious 😉

It was our first Meeting and we became friends from the first Moment, some unvisible exhibitionist connection was always around in between us. A wonderful time 🙂


Watch Preview:


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Protected: Vienna & Debora – Nude Holidays VIDEO PART I

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New Month – New Bonus Round – NUDE HOLIDAYS

New month – new bonus round!

Again there will be many bonus material with new hot pictures and videos of my exciting exhibitionist adventures. Especially I am happy to present you my latest exhibitionst meeting with the Italian beauty Debora. Together we spent a wonderful naughty nude weekend in Marseille and Aix en Provence end of April and all supporters of this month will have the pleasure to see a lot of the hot material we kept on vid and pic!

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The start makes some hot airport and plane flashing recorded during the travel to our hot girl-girl meeting in Marseille.

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BONUS >>> Naughty Holidays Flashing in the Plane – Bonus Video


Already during the flight to Marseille I was in such a naughty flashing mood. The upcoming meeting and the anticipation of many exciting nude moments made me so turned on, I couldn’t resist to open the zipper of my Jeans Mini dress in a way, that everybody could see more than just some cleavage. In fact the zipper was sometimes opened down to my stomach, so that my boobs were completely free to spot for the guys around in the plane and on the airport.

BONUS >>> Naughty Holidays Flashing in the Plane – Bonus Video

Kisses Vienna

This month special with sexy Debora! Don’t miss and save your password now 🙂

Protected: Naughty Holidays Flashing in the Plane – Bonus Video

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Last call for April Bonus

Hi Guys,

We are heading up to May – so LAST CALL to see all the hot bonus tracks and pics with password for April before we take off into a sexy May with new hot specials!

To give you a little teaser, here are some previews of what is awaiting you inside the bonus posts of April!



Classic video from 2009- Bonus Video

Classic video from 2009 – Free Preview Version

Description: Video – hot video from holidays 2009





Horny after sex dinner – BONUS Video

Horny after sex dinner– FREE Preview Version

Preview Pic:


Horny after sex dinner PART II – BONUS Video

Horny after sex dinner PART II – FREE Preview Version



Preview from the free post:


Flashing Fun in Plane and Train – BONUS Version

Flashing Fun in Plane and Train – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:


Flashing Fun in Plane and Train PART II – BONUS Version

Flashing Fun in Plane and Train PART II – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:


Revealing Rest on Public Sun Terrace – BONUS Version

Revealing Rest on Public Sun Terrace – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:

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Kisses Vienna

Girl on a bridge – An exhibitionist story by Froggy

Hi Guys!

Today I love to present you a wonderful hot story about a naughty exhibitionist adventure of me in Paris. An adventure what has been taken only in the mind of the the writer “froggy” but which could have been taken in exact the same way in real. I love the mind games of what is real and what is fantasy … so let your mind playing when reading the story!

Kisses Vienna

Girl on a Bridge

I was sightseeing on the Pont des Arts with the goal in mind of heading to the left bank for dinner, but dinner would be delayed this cool, breezy evening over the River Seine as strolling casually toward me was a striking red head wearing a flowing, gauzy, off-shouldered dress the fading sun shone clearly through.

What a gorgeous sight to feast upon, and many did, stopping in their tracks to watch her progress.

She seemed in no hurry I’m happy to say, and unable to refrain from gawking, I watched as she leaned sensually against the railing with little regard for how much leg and more my friend the wind revealed. Immediately several tourist types readied their phones and cameras to capture the moment.

As she moved slowly along the railing, she pushed some hair behind one ear, and noticed the attention she was getting. I expected her to frown and move quickly away, perhaps thinking what creeps we all are…

I was more than pleasantly surprised when she offered up a radiant smile, tossing her hair playfully over the opposite shoulder, and, leaning both arms against the railing, arched her back to display the shape of the most wonderful derrière on this planet. As if summoned by the collective gaggle of on-lookers, a breeze caught her flowing hem lifting it just high enough to confirm it was truly a fantastic bum.

The reaction was audible. And precipitated several hopeful and bolder individuals to move into a better position anticipating more help from brother breeze.

But we needed no arbitrary Parisian spring winds, no gusts from tour boats drifting slowly beneath… for I could hardly believe what I was seeing as she intentionally reached around with one hand and began inching her dress higher and higher until her long, ivory legs and perfectly formed bare bottom glowed in the soft, late afternoon light.

Dropping her hem, she then gathered her hair in one hand near her shoulder and walked purposefully across the roadway heading toward the other side railing, and… toward me!

I froze in place.  My pulse began to race. Was she coming to talk to me?  What would I say to this lovely vision so cooly able to show herself in a public place where people were aware, and watching, and taking photos?

About five feet from me she nonchalantly dropped the one strap holding up her dress and let it fall all too glacially to her waist. Her bare, perky breasts bounced ever so gently as she pulled her red hair forward over both shoulders, glancing sideways at me and winking as she passed, leaning backwards against the near railing, and lit the growing twilight with a happy smile.

This was really happening!  And I was oh so happy to be there to witness it.

What happened next though was truly amazing.  A small crowd had gathered at a respectful distance. You could tell she was comfortable with it, enjoying giving herself to an adoring audience. At that moment she gave her dress a little tug and it fell, pooling at her feet, leaving her completely nude. Stepping out of it, she slowly executed several practiced poses for us to enjoy and photograph.  My favorite was of her bending over as if to unbuckle the strap of one shoe while her straight legs served as pedestal for the trophy that was her sumptuous rear.

And there were several others almost as good. I liked them all, and happily she cycled back through each pose to please us all.

So caught up in this serendipitous visual serenade I failed to notice the lean guy with the video camera who I realize now had been there all along capturing her exhibition from the outset. I think I saw him give her a slight nod, and she bent to pick up her dress and began walking toward the Quai d’Orsay while dropping it smoothly over her head.

While we were collectively disappointed to see her leave, we were truly pleased she chose this time and place for all of us to enjoy.

©️ froggy

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