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Horny after a sexy dinner

I am always so horny when coming back to the hotel room after a delicious dinner in a hot sexy outfit. To show my body in transparency and all the views and reactions … this turns me on sooo… much! Now it’s time to let it out 😉

I love to touch myself in front of Matt and let him watch me when I am getting more and more horny.

Come into the bonus section and watch the first part of this hoooooot video story!

5 Minutes BONUS VIDEO >>> HERE

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kisses Vienna

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Celebrating Dinner

Last Saturday Matt and me decide to have a preliminary book finalization celebrating dinner. After we finalized the layout and we already got the first sketches from the local artist JPM it’s a big amount of work laying behind us during the last weeks, so best reason to celebrate this step with a hot, sexy dinner 🙂


Not really a surprise that I wasn’t wearing panties and bra below my shiny black dress. 

Now it’s waiting time for the last 3 sketches from JPM to do the last step of finalization. Don’t forget to sign in for a pre sale exemplar by now. This is the only way how I can promise you a guaranteed exemplar.


kisses Vienna

New BONUS ROUND starts with a classic video from 2009

Hi Guys!

It’s April and it’s time to start the new bonus round!

But before we come to my brand-new stuff the bonus round will start with a real classic. A holiday video from 2009. Something very special for all fans especially my long time fans 😉 So don’t miss it to see the younger Vienna version having fun on her apartment balcony during the nude holidays in Spain 2009.

Find the full bonus video >>> HERE

To get the password it’s the same procedure like every month. You can choose if you support me with buying my book or doing a donation. All details you find >>> HERE

Hope to see you inside the bonus section 😉

kisses Vienna

Find the full video >>> HERE


Protected: Classic Video from 2009 Holidays

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Got the first drawings for “I am (n)u(e)rban II”

Hi Guys!

I was really excited yesterday when JPM brought me the first drawings which will be integrated into “I am (n)u(e)rban II” together with an identical photography. And what can I say … I am totally flashed!

I have to show you one first preview.

The identical photography will be one book pic, but therefore you have to be just a little bit more patient till the official book launch! The more the puzzle pieces come to a final image, the more I realize how wonderful this second volume will become!

Don’t forget to enter into the pre-sale register, this is the ONLY way to ensure yourself one of the limited exemplars next to being already on the kickstarter reward list.


Please consider with entering the pre-sale link you don’t buy finally, you just express your intention to do and you ensure that you will receive a sales link in advance to official launch.

Kisses Vienna


Final phase of a hot March

Hi Guys,

April is coming closer and closer – so don’t miss the chance to see all the hot bonus tracks and pics with password for March before we take off into a sexy April with new hot specials!

To give you a little teaser, here are some previews of what is awaiting you inside the bonus posts of March!



TakeOff having Fun during flight – Bonus Video

TakeOff having Fun during flight – Free Preview Version

Description: Video – flashing the drivers around when driving completely nude over the highway and on the pay station.



Naughty on my terrace – BONUS Pics

Naughty on my terrace – FREE Preview Version

Preview Pic:


Coffee Break in Hotel Window – BONUS Video

Coffee Break in Hotel Window – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:


Shower Time – BONUS Version

Shower Time – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:


Pleasuring myself when exposed in hotel window – BONUS Version

Pleasuring myself when exposed in hotel window – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:


Sporty in my 20 denier tights – BONUS Version

Sporty in my 20 denier tights – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:


Sexy Moments – Bonus Pics

Sexy Moments – FREE Preview Version

Preview from the free post:

Get all these bonus posts with one password. And for all who wasn’t able to support, now with MasterCard option!

In general there is the principle that the amount of your donation is up2you (starting by the selectable value). I want to invite everybody, those who are able to sponsor generous and also those who can give a little.

Also you can get older passwords with making a second donation. You just have to send me a reminder on the topic by email (viennalove(at), let me know which one you want to have.


Kisses Vienna

Book Finalization Announcement

Hi Guys!


Tonight there is a good night for celebrating that the layout of all pages of my new book “I am (n)u(e)rban²” was finalized! Last step is now to implement the drawings which will be done in the next few weeks.

Tonight we will start pre-order campaign! There you have the chance to express your interest and leave your email address, so that you get the chance to order before official release, what saves you a guaranteed exemplar.

Based on the experience of the first book of which we still have enough exemplars in stock we will not order a higher number of exemplars than pre-ordered and rewarded by kickstarter, what means, a higher price and a reduced availability after the first tranche will be sold out because of print on demand from that moment. Don’t miss to reserve yourself one of the unique nude urban photography books

HERE >>>

I very much hope to find a lot of your pre-orders in the submission form during the next days 😉

Send you many kisses


Protected: Sexy Moments – Bonus Pics

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