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Shower Time

After running the Barcelona marathon on Sunday I needed a relaxing Monday. Best is to start with a “hot” shower 🙂 … not only the water temperature was hot 😉 Come into the bonus post and enjoy the video.

Find the bonus video in the bonus post today >>> HERE BONUS VIDEO

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kisses Vienna

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Back from Barcelona

Hi guys 

Back home in Vienna from a very sporty trip to Barcelona. I was there for the marathon but of course I also had some really sexy days in the wonderful and colorful city, hehe :)))

The next days will become ver(rrrrhhh)y sexy and naughty with some hoooooot videos in the March bonus section. Best is to save your password right now to be on board from first moment. 

If you already have the password … just relax and wait. If you don’t have it … get yours >>> HERE IS HOW

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Kisses Vienna



Coffee Break in Hotel Window – NOW IT WORKS

Sorry for the problems with the bonus video! Now it’s working with the March password!

All who have the password – ENJOY HERE – BONUS VIDEO 😉

All who do not – GET IT HERE!

kisses Vienna


I am (n)u(e)rban II – UPDATE

Dear Friends, Fans and Supporter!

Last month I told you about the plans to divide the new book into a 2nd and a 3rd part coming successive. Today I want to give some details you about the progress we made this month.

Let’s start …

The final chapter assignment has been done now! These are the chapters of the 2nd part of I am (n)u(e)rban:

  • New York
  • Cologne
  • Nice
  • Brussels
  • Rome
  • Valencia
  • Vienna

Preview – Brussels Grande Market

Preview – New York Manhattan Skyline

Preview – Cologne in front of cathedral 

For the 3rd part the following chapters has been assigned:

  • Berlin
  • Barcelona
  • London
  • Dublin
  • Graz
  • Bratislava

The final selection of the pictures has been done and the layout is completely finalized, … so now it’s time for working on the details and the “icing on the cake”.

In this matter, I am really happy to announce, that we found a local artist who will give the book with his drawings an additional artistic value. This cooperation brings out my intention to combine exhibitionism with art. I am soooo… excited to see his final work, I can’t wait and hope to get his drawings soon.

Below is an example of his work. I hope you like it as much as I do! One of his drawings already decorates my living room.

I just can ask you to stay a little more patient, it’s worth because the product will be wonderful!

To sweeten the waiting time as much as possible the first volume of I am (n)u(e)rban is still in SALE. For all who haven’t it yet USE THE CHANCE. It’s worth it and you support a really peacefull project with your sale.

BUY HERE I am (n)u(e)rban 1

Kisses Vienna


A short video of me when having a coffee nude in the hotel window for you my great supporter today as bonus post!


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Naughty on my terrace

After a really hard and cold winter in Austria I am sooo… happy that the days are becoming warmer now. I am already looking forward to the warm days when I relax and get naughty on my terrace … the best entertainment for my neighbors … and Matt.

When looking through some older picturesI found these hot shots, which immediately made me looking forward to the next summer!

The explicit and really naughty ones are reserved for all supporters in my todays bonus post 😉


My hand will move a bit in the bonus pics 😉


Kisses Vienna


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TakeOff to March Bonus Round

Hi Guys,

It’s March and it’s gonna be a hooooooooot month! Let’s start today in a new bonus round.

We will go on travel later this month and I am already in naughty travel mood. Thereof we start with a hooooot video from a flight of which I already posted pics a time ago.



I love to travel in sexy naughty outfits and to do some risky self fun! The video in the bonus section is the start into a fantastic supersexy March! So don’t hesitate and be on board from first day 😉


Kisses Vienna

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