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Get a password for bonus posts


3 Ways to get a password for all the bonus posts of the month:


You can make a donation via donation button (ccbill) on my site – the password will be sent to you automatically within short time (if it’s not working send me an email and I will send the password) LINK on right side menu


You can buy my book or ebook – Send me the confirmation by email to: viennalove(at) you will get back the current password by email – find LINK on right side menu


You can choose the very classic way and send me a letter on the postal way with your donation (Postfach 18, A-2544 Leobersdorf, Austria) mention your email address and I will send you the current password by email

The amount of your donation is up2you (starting by the selectable value). I want to invite everybody, those who are able to sponsor generous and also those who can give a little


For what I need the password: 

In general my blog is free and the target is to keep it free. But without your support all this wouldn’t be possible at all! Therefore everybody who give support by one of the ways described below get the password for all bonus posts of the current month. Bonus posts are regular posts with additional (explicit) stories, pics and videos.  

How long is a password valid:

The validity is unlimited in time but limited to the bonus posts of the current month. For bonus posts of a new month a new donation is necessary to get the new password.

How can I get passwords of previous months:

It’s easy, you can make a second donation within the month. Automatically you will get the current password twice. But if you send me an email (viennalove(at) explaining that you donate twice and tell me which additional password you like to have I will send it to you by email within a short time. Rule of thumb 10$ per password.

Of course I am also happy about every fan mail on postal way. If you give your donation inside the letter and write which passwords you like to have, I will send it to you by email!

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