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Out and about in Bruxelles

After a fantastic fan meeting on my first evening in Bruxelles, of which I will tell you more soon, the second day in Bruxelles started with many clouds and cold temperatures. But fortunately the heavy rain of the night was over, so I was hoping that also the clouds will vanish step by step.

And as if Petrus is a public nudity fan the weather turned really and became better and better with every hour. Perfect for an exciting nude urban sightseeing tour through the city. Only the temperatures remained on a cold level. But this also has a big advantage … my nipples are always hard 🙂


When we did the first nude shots in the City a military patrol came across and I was sure, that they will report me at the police, but instead they really enjoyed it … the entire story and much more details about my nude day in Bruxelles together with some first great motives in the today’s bonus section.

See you there?!


The best pictures from Bruxelles are as well as the pictures from Cologne will be part of the 2nd volume of “I am (n)u(e)rban”. I am already really looking forward to creating this 2nd volume. It will take some time because there is a lot of things and work to do till we are able to publish a second volume, but we will give our very best to bring it on market before the end of the year.

Even that the first book so far didn’t purchased like we maybe hoped and that all the work and investment would pay off will not have effect on the decision to create this second one, because it’s my life … I am (n)u(e)rban.

For all who didn’t have a look on my first book till now, you can find some insights here:

Hope you like it and it will grace your bookshelf soon 😉

Kisses Vienna

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Preparing for a night out – preview

Hi guys!

I really love to prepare myself for a night out when we are on travel for new Vienna adventures! Making the hairs, choosing a hot outfit … getting naughty without panties … all this is what I love so much when preparing 🙂

Next to two fantastic fan meetings in Bruxelles and London, there were also some dinners, only the two of us, Matt and me.

Some videos of preparing myself for one of a night out with Matt I show you today within the Bonus part.

Here are some screenshots.


A lot more hot pictures and videos from Bruxelles and London will follow tomorrow and within the next days! Stay tuned 😉

Kisses Vienna

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Goodbye Cologne – Hello Brussels

Hi Guys!

On the last morning in Cologne we used the good weather to follow my religion … hehe


Everybody has his own religion, for mine no cathedral is necessary, love and peace and nudity 😉 you don’t need anything more. The uncuted pics will be shown in my next book, I am sure, they are really something very special 🙂

And than something like a miracle happened … I met a really kind muslim girl and started to talk with her about “my religion”. She was really open to it and we had a nice conversation whilst I was showing her my book “I am (n)u(e)rban”. Thank you so much to meet you S!


On the way back to the hotel I was just in a perfect mood 🙂


The 2 days in Cologne were gone much to fast. But also our next station is a very exciting city, unfortunately with terrible things happened during the last month! I hope that I can set a little sign for freedom with my nude pics there.

More pics of that crazy day in Cologne and a vid of what happened when we arrived in Brussels you will see in my Bonus post!

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Kisses your Vienna


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Cold day in Cologne

Hi Guys,

for sure not the best conditions … at first some problems with cologne authorities after the first motive on Tuesday and then a cold and foggy start into the Wednesday.


But hey it’s everything about to find the way … so we decide to go for a breakfast first … best chance to show what I am wearing below my coat … 


Later the temperature was increasing slightly and so I couldn’t resist to make my nude sightseeing photo tour through Cologne. Here two snapshots of the day.


Of course we did a lot completely nude pictures but this I have to sorting first. The best will be reserved for my next “I am (n)u(e)rban” book 🙂 

Until then you can passing time with viewing the first volume of “I am (n)u(e)rban” … you still haven’t it? Really? So what are you waiting for?!

The next special with new videos and some extra shots will also follow soon 🙂

Now we already arrived in … ?! Make a guess … I will disclose that secret soon, hehe

kisses Vienna


Arrived in Cologne

Hi Guys!

Woohooo … Vienna is on tour again. NUDE TOUR


First station of my exciting trip is Cologne. I hope you like these snapshots which we took during the travel, in the Hotel and between the first shooting day.


In the Bonus section you can additionally find some detailed background information about the trip, some first nude urban shooting pictures and 2 short videos from our first day.

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Soon more about my trip 🙂


Kisses Vienna

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