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Jogging and Flashing

what a great weather today! Perfect for doing my workout in the nature. A nice run through the vineyards and the woods. If I had my way I would run the whole way in the nude but I think I would have to many joggers around and I do not wish to spend my time with talking when making my workout, hehe


So I did just some flashing and being nude later on my terrace :***

Have you all a nice weekend!

Kisses Vienna

Voyeurweb Video – Final Phase

Hi Guys,

I am sure you already enjoyed my current contri on voyeurweb … no … really NOT? Don’t miss only 3 days left! 😉


See you there 😉

kisses Vienna

Stimulating lecture – Part II

Some more previews of my naughty hotel window videos today for you! And the hot second part of my video is waiting in my bonus section today!

Link Part II:

Link Part I:

Video Previews:



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Stimulating lecture – video previews

Hi Guys,

This is the story behind the pics on my blog during the last 2 days!

After the exciting Brussel nude sightseeing I came back to the Hotel in the afternoon. Time to have a little rest and enjoying the great view over the City from our Hotel room.

The sun heated up the space behind the big window, so I decided to enjoy this warm sunlight on my nude skin and laying into the window. What’s better than to read a book and have a coffee after a really exciting and successful day?

The first video in my todays bonus post!…re-bonus-video/


Shades of grey was the best stuff for this moment.


When I read how Ana starts to masturbate in front of Christian I start to get really horny … reading this hot stuff, laying nude in the window with the imagine, that somebody is watching me now and Matt in front of me with his cam in hands … my mind start spinning around, my pussy slowly became more and more moist and I started to do what I read. My hands starts slowly stroke along my body over my boobs down over my belly and further to my moist pussy.


I love the imagine, that somebody from the street or a house on the opposite is watching me now …

If you like to see all this in motion have a look in the todays Bonus section with very naughty videos 😉…ow-bonus-video/

Kisses Vienna

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Brussel – Relaxing in Hotelroom

Hi Guys,

thanks for your hot and lovely comments to my yesterday post! Here are some more … enjoy 🙂

Really the best way to relax after an exciting nude sightseeing day.



More really explicit views which Matt caught on photo you’ll get within the bonus post … it’s worth to come in 😉

Kisses Vienna

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Brussel Hotel – fantastic view

Hi Guys,

our Hotel room in Brussel had a fantastic City view. I love to lay behind the window enjoying the warm sunbeam hear music or read a book.

The best way to relax after an exciting nude sightseeing day.

Some more explicit views in todays bonus section … it’s worth to come in 😉



Some video snaps of what happens later this day coming soon this weekend! Verryyyyy hoooooot and exciting 😉

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