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First Fan Meeting

Rainer was one of the great guys who supported my book project with the highest amount and so he was very important for the realization of the book. In december the book will be published. Just about 3 – 4 weeks from now … time to say thank you face-to-face!

Next week we will meet us in person in Salzburg. Of course I am a little bit nervous, but most of all I am really happy to meet each other!

@ Rainer: I record a little message to you … looking forward to meet you next week!


VIDEO: <<20151121_Announcement_Rainer_01>>


it is dooone – “xmas”-letters for my supports are out

2 months after successful finalization of the crowfunding campaign for my book, I am sooo happy to tell you that ALL letters are sent to you today 🙂

In the next two weeks also my US, Australian und NZ guys should received their personal letters after a long way. I wish I could bring it personally but nevertheless I hope you will love the inside 😉

Hot kisses, your Vienna


Nude Project Video “What is normal?!”

Thanks for the great help of my supporter Bill I could include my nude urban project video on my page 🙂
So that you can watch the unblurred version again … BTW an extended version is already in progress!


I am sooo… happy to tell you, that we reached a final status for my upcoming book this weekend. Only the contract with blurb are open now before we can upload for print. Keep in mind, that you can save your personal discount by registering as pre orderer here: 


For all of you a very positive news: most probably we can reduce the final price for the book again significant. AND 10% off for all pre-orderers will be applied also on the lower price! Details will follow within the next 5 days!

stay nude, stay free, stay happy … and no matter what happens always keep you tail up


Kisses Vienna

Is it Art?

I need your help my great fans! Vimeo removed my account because of:

“You may not upload videos that promote fraudulent or dubious business schemes or upload spam or flood Vimeo with videos intended to drive traffic to your website.”

Although they say in their terms of use, that artists can use every kind of profile to advertise it’s project, they removed my account. That means they don’t agree that it’s a kind of art. What do you think? Is it art?

I need as much as possible of you to send them a signal 🙂

Help me and join my survey at twitter:

Is this art or not?

IMG_5695 (2)_mod



Vienna opera visit

Hi Guys,

Back from New York!

I fulfilled a heart’s desire of me today. A visit in Vienna state opera house. Puccini’s “La Boheme” was on the playing schedule. The opera was fantastic, what amazing voices they have! But what do you think about my outfit? To hot for a “Vienna” opera visit? It’s such an exciting feeling to stroll through the opera in a transpaent evening dress and giving the chance to get some special Vienna views to all the tourists, hehee

Afterwards we continued in a nice bar next to the opera house. Some pictures will follow soon!

Kisses Vienna


Hotel Room Video

Hi Guys,

A first appetizer to my hot hotel room video coming soon on voyeurweb!

I hope you like to see me enjoying to be on screen, hehehe…

Kisses Vienna


<<VIDEO: 20151106_New_York_Hotelroom_03 >>



Exploring New York in the nude II

Hi Guys,

As promised some more from my hot time in New York.


Yahooooo I did it … flashing time square completely nude … what an amazing rush 🙂


 Much more nude city adventures around the world?  HERE YOU ARE: <BOOK “I am (n)u(e)bran”>

HOT kisses your Vienna

Exploring New York in the nude

Hi Guys,

New York is such an amazing place! I love to stroll through the streets of Manhattan, to walk over the Brooklyn bridge into wonderful Brooklyn, to explore the architecture AND the many stores! If I will find new nude urban outfits!?

BUT above all this the most exciting thing is to flash this City! The adrenalin kicks into me and my heart goes BumBum … BumBum … BumBum … faster and faster until the moment when I take off my clothes and being nude in NYC! I love it! Thank you New York for your overwhelming and lovely reactions! I was really positive surprised and enjoyed every moment when being nude and showing off my boobs and pussy! 

Some shots you can see previously here on my blog. For the best shots you have to wait a little bit. It will be part of the 2nd volume of my book, where it will be included together with other top destinations like Rome, Barcelona … and much more! And BTW the reactions of my American fans were so great, that we think about to “extend” the US part in the next book. There is a lot to explore 😉

Until then you can enjoy “I am (n)u(e)rban”, my first hot nude urban travel guide 😉

<LINK BOOK I am (n)u(e)rban>>

There are really cool extras in the tube for all pre-orderers. More about this within the next days … but for sure you will not regret 😉

HOT kisses your Vienna


There will come some more tomorrow 🙂 keep your eyes open!


Hi Guys,

just some more of me in the Hotel room. I looooooooove that view. The City is really awesome, I would like to be here for months but have only a very limited time 🙂

This and all your lovely comments and invitations is the best reason to come back to the states for a longer time 😉

Kisses Vienna



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