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Vids: Conversation with Gattina

Not only I am happy that we have regular contact again beautiful kitten, also all the guys here will get crazy to hear your sexy voice message 😉



Mia dulce ciccina
little surprise for you, hope you like it! Can’t wait for your answer :-*





  1. Wow, you have beautiful voice! I could even say – A sexy one! 🙂
    And your message to Gattina was really hot :* It even made me horny 😀

  2. What wonderful surprise! I’m very happy to hear your voice and I feel honoured to receive a special message from you, Honey!
    I had memorable time with you. xxx

    Do your followers want to see both of us together once again?
    I can’t wait to look at their answer 😉

  3. More pics from Vienna and Gattina ! You are … WOW 🙂

  4. Your pics with Gattina were absolutely lovely…I hope to see you two again in an intimate situation

  5. I love your voice Vienna. Let us hear it more often. :-*

  6. It will be something really special 🙂
    After seeing the response of us – the fans – I’m sure that You both, girls will see again, making a lot of beautiful photos and videos.
    Vienna, Gattina we just can’t wait!
    Kisses :*

  7. Definitely. Would be insane to not want to.

  8. Like all the others said before, we want you two together again, and this time with a long vid if possible 😉

  9. we are “working” on it ;)))))))))))

  10. woo hoo!! can’t wait to see the results of that meeting 😉

    you are both gorgeous, and brighten up every day.

    maybe we can see the third instalment from your previous meeting to get us ready…..

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